Marta Tarragona Vendrell


Marta Tarragona Vendrell

Translation, reviewer and liaison interpreter

Multilingual communication manager

15 years’ expertise in content related to marketing and business communication

Training and expertise at your service, offering very competitive rates and an international presence based on quality, professional rigour and mutual trust.

Member of:

Associació professional de traductors
i intèrprets de Catalunya


A great, responsible professional who likes to do things well and has a high concept of quality.

Maite Garcia, Ex-Project Manager, ApSIC S.L.
Marta always produces reliable translations and she delivers them within the deadline established.

Emilio Cifuentes, Localization Project Manager, Sajan Spain
Marta is the most capable, efficient and effective translator that I know. Her translations are always very reliable and her style is direct, clear and elegant.

Fernando Feldman, Manager at Intexto traducciones
Professionalism and reliability, a great support to our international activity. The technical vocabulary of the sector has been incorporated into our commercial language, reflecting a very high level of product knowledge.

Xavier Lafita, General Manager, BOLEXP NORMALIZADOS, S.L.U.
Marta is a true example of professionalism and diligence and has great knowledge of the translation sector, as well as being a first-rate person. She was my “godmother” during my first steps in the world of professional translation, and I couldn’t have found a better colleague to introduce me into this world.

Sandra Monferrer Caro, Translator and Localiser EN>ES, CAT
Of her professionalism I could say many positive things, surely linked to her personality. In the professional field, I would highlight, among other qualities, her highly professional and strict work, and her being proactive, collaborative, serious in commitments and adaptable to different projects.

Sergio Cabezas, Art Director, Amor de Marca